Whether in the prisons of British Colombia, the side roads of Delhi, India or on national TV, the message is always the same, Pastor Rob McGrath has a dynamic testimony, one that inspires Christians and opens the eyes of the unsaved. Pastor Rob McGrath has a captivating and engaging style, which combined with a riveting message, makes him a popular speaker in missions, prisons, churches, meetings and on the media.

Vietnam Ministry
Pastor Rob McGrath visits Vietnam at least twice a year, preaching to the poor and leading them to salvation.

Prison Ministry
With years of prison life behind him, Pastor Rob McGrath is all too acquainted with the prison way of life. Pastor Rob McGrath's previous prison lifestyle allows convicts to get advice and connect with "one of their own"

India Outreach
Pastor Kamlesh McGrath's home country is crying out for salvation,  people in North America cannot even imagine the conditions in Delhi, India. Extreme poverty, unsanitary living conditions, a general disregard for human life, makes India a crucial place for outreach work. Our ministry is now in the process of setting up a drop-in style Christian outreach center in Delhi.

Temporary Accommodations
We run several houses for men who have recently earnestly desire to change their way of life, Rather than have them return to the street or to inadequate living arrangements, we nurture them in a structured Christian setting.

We offer solid Christian counseling for families, youth, people in crisis and people with serious addictions.

Street Ministry
We run a street outreach program that reaches people in poverty and on the streets, providing them with food, clothing, compassion and encouragement.


Tuesday 7:00PM

Life Skills Training (in-house)


Wednesday 7:00PM

Study time (open to all)


Sunday 11:00AM

Prayer Meeting on sundays


By Appointment

To arrange counselling or prison & hospital visitation, please call 604.515.2723