Our Areas of Ministry

The purpose of our ministry is to provide a sanctuary where Christian's values are taught and people can learn skills that will help them become productive parts of our society. Our areas of ministry include:

  • Feeding the hungry on the streets of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.
  • Counseling, addictions, marital and financial.
  • Transition from Institutional settings and homelessness.
  • Low Income Single families, and families having difficulty with survival and marriages.
  • Some temporary accommodations

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A word from our pastor

The House of the Good Shepherd Ministries, established in the fall of 1993, is a Counseling/Training Centre, registered with the government of Canada to provide Prison Counseling and Rehabilitation, based on Christian values and principles.

Our fast paced, stress-filled world has given rise to many social problems. Every community suffers due to the actions of members who have either lost their place in life, their direction, their purpose or their sense of self worth and have tried to self medicate by succumbing to addictions or antisocial behavior in an attempt to ease their pain.

So many have made poor choices, drugs, alcohol, prostitution and crime, which affects marriages and families. They have lost their way and wandered onto paths that have led them to destruction, and regrettably, they are often left alone with no compassion or understanding from the rest of society.

Compassion Connection

A vision which began 16 years ago is now in the process of becoming a reality were the majority of the above can be administered, a 2 acre Camp is in the process of being constructed, where accommodation and counseling facilities will soon become a reality, assist and donations are urgently needed as well as monetary assistance for on going operations.

The staff is understanding and are qualified to make great transformations in the lives of the people we are working with, The heart of our organization is to share and illustrate God's unfailing love. To rebuild the lives of the broken and offer dignity to those who feel cast aside. Our team efforts involve meeting the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of hungry, hurting and homeless men, women and families.



Events Schedule

Tuesday 7:00PM

Life Skills Training (in-house)


Wednesday 7:00PM

Study time (open to all)


Sunday 11:00AM

Prayer Meeting on sundays


By Appointment

To arrange counselling or prison & hospital visitation, please call 604.515.2723